Posted On: Monday, January 23, 2012

At the middle school level, Lakewood is host this year to the Ohio Music Education Association’s District IV Middle School Honors Festival and the district’s two middle schools will be well-represented at the event. The festival is February 25 and begins at 4 p.m. at the Civic Auditorium. Choir, band and orchestra honors ensembles comprised of some of the region’s best middle school musicians will perform in this free concert. Representing Lakewood’s two middle schools will be:

Garfield band and orchestra members: Tess Marjanovic – piccolo/flute; Carissa Bellino – clarinet; Sage Petrone – bass clarinet; Evan Aldrich – trumpet; Kenny Miller – trombone;  Abi Norman – violin; Katelyn Martin – violin; Erin Gregg – violin; Cate Schleckman – viola; Rhianna Zuby – cello; Eleanor Howells – cello; Lauren Houk – cello; Isabell Mierau – bass

Garfield choir members: Ana Guerra, Alexandria Donegan, Emma Price, Michelle Reese, Jacklyn Voll, Taylor Keaton, Katie Maxwell, Ryan Smith, Garrett Naylon, Jared Forkins, Tino Perez, Austin Guetling, Desmond Fleming

Harding band and orchestra members: Zoe Budzar – violin; Zeke Dalisky – violin; Amanda Kantor – violin; Paula Atfield – violin; Tom Grauel – viola; Juliet Belardo – viola; Alex Figueroa – viola; Madalyn Vedaa – cello; Kelly White – cello; Samantha Wittal – bass; Evan Levis – French horn; Claire Black – flute;  Autumn Gibbons – flute; Veronica Gordon – piccolo/flute; Jarret Sullivan – bass clarinet; Emily Brown – alto sax; Jimmy Toner – tenor sax

Harding choir members:  David Rogers, Elias Tsourlakis, Allison Olah, Wendy Rice, Stephen Watkins, Daisy Lord, David Dailey, James Suire Michael Amato, Oscar Rodriguez, McKinsey Kays


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