Posted On: Thursday, April 7, 2011

Harding 8th grader Victor Soukup with his coaster creation "The Victim."

Harding 7th graders Zeke Dalisky (left) and Jon Pizzo with their creation "Zeon."

Perhaps the next best thing to riding an insane roller coaster is designing your own. Three students at Harding Middle School did just that for a Cedar Point K’NEX Great Thrill Ride Build-Off contest that asked students to build the most innovative and thrilling amusement park ride model using K’NEX building sets.

Seventh graders Zeke Dalisky and Jon Pizzo and eighth grader Victor Soukup tackled the coaster challenge. Dalisky and Pizzo teamed to build their coaster, dubbed “Zeon,” and Soukup went solo to build his creation, called “The Victim.” While Dalisky and Pizzo went for long, six-foot high climb that culminates in a long and steep drop, Soukup’s design centered on one massive corkscrew loop that ends with a 180-degree drop. 

Contestants had since January to build their models, submit a photo or video of the project and write a 500-word essay. Five winners will be chosen and have their rides displayed at the park during Cedar Point’s Math and Science Week in May. Winners, which are announced on April 15, also receive K’NEX building sets and gift certificates and free admission tickets to Cedar Point.

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