Posted On: Sunday, April 3, 2011

Truth in Journalism
Panel Discussion
Mr. Spooner’s classroom
By: Liam Gamez, Sophia Mack, and Sophia Nanni
It was an exciting day in Mr. Spooner’s class On Friday March 18th unlike any other day his morning group was there also. There were people who came in his class to read the book Nothing but the Truth. The students asked a wide range of questions based on truth in journalism and the panelists’ particular occupations.  That is why the people came to the discussion. The people that came to answer our questions were Mr. Gill from Scene Magazine , Mr. O’Bryan and Ms. Voinovich from the Lakewood Observer, Doctor Hammel from Ursuline College, Mr. Mulready from Cool, and Mrs. Neff and Mr. Neff from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
 The first thing they did was introduce themselves. Mr. Mulready was the founder and a reporter for Cool Mrs. Neff is an editor for the Plain dealer. Mr. Neff is a reporter’s assistant for the Plain Dealer and graphics. He uploads his material to He only puts graphics on stories that need them to illustrate the story being told.  Mr. O’Bryan is a publisher and a cameraman. Dr. Hammel is a professor in journalism and public relations at Ursuline College but does not consider herself a journalist. Ms. Voinovich is a reporter for the Lakewood Observer.  When they were done introducing themselves we moved on to students asking questions.
Many students asked interesting questions. An example of one was asked to Mr. Mulready; “How was Cool started?” We thought the answer he gave was pretty interesting when he said “It started out as a news letter when he met some people who thought Cleveland was boring so then he started a News letter called Cool and it got so popular it was turned into a website. A lot of interesting questions are asked over all.
It was one of the most interesting afternoons ever in Mr. Spooner’s class! We would all like to thank the people who came to this discussion to teach us about the importance of truth in journalism and also to thank Mr. Spooner for inviting these wonderful and interesting people into our class room it gave us a big learning opportunity.

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