Harding Students Perform "The Idi-Odyssey"

Posted On: Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The IDI-ODYSSEY is a production based on Homers epic poem, The Odyssey. This play is fun, educational and packed with nothing but silliness!  You will set off on an entirely new journey with four students of assorted personalities — jock, nerd, cheerleader, and Goth — as they experience the strangest review session led by a mysterious and strict tutor, Dr. Edith Hamilton.  Characters form The Odyssey come alive onstage in the wackiest of ways — the poet Homer is compared to Homer Simpson, Hermes is an air-head and the Lotus Eaters are now the Lettuce Eaters!  The God of the Sea blows a fierce wind that wreaks havoc on Odysseuss ship...  and also just plain reeks (his niece Athena gives him a few Tic Tacs for the fish breath).  This romp still stays true to the original journeys but in a comedic, contemporary way, with the students even becoming intertwined in some of the episodes.  After Odysseuss return home, Dr. Edith Hamilton retires for the day, leaving the students engrossed in their reading.  One things for sure, this unforgettable retelling will help everyone forever remember elements of this timeless classic while also evoking epic laughter!

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