Principal's Message

Robin Beavers

Robin Beavers

Dear Garfield Families,


It is hard to believe the year is beginning in just a few weeks. The world is changing right before our eyes and each day Garfield staff is working diligently to prepare for the year. A global pandemic has required us all to refocus, reframe, and reestablish norms in our approach to education. As we adjust, we are steadfast and committed to the six competencies used to structure Lakewood’s educational approach.


Through Critical and Creative Thinking teachers will create engaging lessons to honor the developmental steps necessary for our students to succeed. Our students will strive to put their best foot forward and use their thought processes to create the world they want to live in.


With a Growth Mindset, we accept the charge to adapt and shift our thinking toward progress. We are focused forward.


Communication is still key. Teachers and staff will connect with families by communicating our goals and practices effectively. We want to share information, plans and our joys and successes over the coming months.


In Collaboration with community partners, we will continue to forge a community dedicated to the growth of the children we are so fortunate to have as students.


Global Awareness is a mission to connect our students to a world beyond Lakewood. We will exchange stories, experiences, and memories in an asserted effort to expand the horizons of our students.


With Empathy, we will relate to one another at our core. We will connect with others and help one another as this difficult time in history shapes our daily thoughts and endeavors.


We will begin this year remotely for all students. August 31st-September 4th is Orientation Week. Students will receive notifications from teachers to join in on Zoom classes to begin building their learning relationship. When school begins September 8th, we want everyone to be connected to their classes and ready to learn.


 Times have changed but our commitment to students has not wavered. We are ready for a year of firsts, a year of challenges, a year of triumphs. We are dedicated to making sure our students succeed. We are here and happy to support you whenever possible. We are all in this together.


Ms. Robin Beavers

Garfield Principal


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