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Robin Beavers

Robin Beavers-Pettiegrew

Parents, You Are Needed,


Supporting our Garfield students is of great importance to our mission. As the year moves forward we are all working hard to ensure students have the best chances of succeeding this school year. This year we have continued with our Academic Support Team. This team of teachers works to provide additional academic assistance to any student in need during a flexible period of the school day. The goal is to ensure our students are provided with ample opportunities to master content.


We welcome and encourage parental involvement as we journey to improve student academic achievement and social -emotional learning. Being an involved parent at Garfield Middle School takes on many forms, all of which can help improve your child’s social and academic growth.


1. Check your child’s homework nightly. Teachers provide an online document listing all of the daily assignments. You can find your child’s nightly assignments on their Google Classroom pages and at

Garfield Library webpage at


2. Keep up with your child’s progress by using Progressbook online grade book. With this tool, you can identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses to make plans for improvement. Please contact us if you need help setting up Progressbook.


3. Attend parent/teacher conferences on October 27-29 to discuss your child’s progress. Parent-Teacher Conferences are virtual this year. Zoom links will be sent out to families shortly before conferences. 


Register online at


If you need help registering please call us at 216-227- 5759


4. Join and become an active member of Garfield’s PTSA. The PTSA is always looking for volunteers to help out at school events and welcomes all parents to join this great organization. Look for more information in this month’s Gazette on ways to support the Garfield PTSA.


You can join online by using the following link or by sending in $7 cash to Garfield Middle School.


Students can and will achieve at high levels. Parents, staff, and community support will ensure our mission comes to light.




Robin Pettiegrew

Garfield Principal


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