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Terrilynn Bornino-Elwell
Coordinator, Alternative Education



Coordinator's Message:

Dear FSO Parent/Guardian(s),

Happy Holidays!

This past March, our world as we know it was turned upside down. The support systems and "villages" we once relied on became disconnected, while the future of our students remains unknown. There are no guidelines in our student, parent or district handbooks on Global Pandemics, or how we handle the pandemic. The"normals" are not defined, and there is no explanation on how to deal with the challenges of how to overcome the obstacles to pave the way to a more successful future for our students.

Fortunately, Lakewood City School district is lead by a Superintendent who has made a strong commitment to deliver exceptional and quality education without sacrificing his primary mission; to provide a safe, caring, supportive environment for all students, staff, teachers, and administrators. A mission to empower students academically and personally to reach their full social, emotional, and academic potential. To emphasize to students, parents/guardians, and the Lakewood Community, that we are a team of educators that embrace all of our students, teachers and family concerns, and will work together to overcome these obstacles and work toward our students educational investment.

My goal as their building leader is to see this mission through no matter how difficult and challenging the path to student success presents itself. Together we will provide an engaging education to prepare all students to become successful high school graduates with a future to continue in education or pursue a choice career.  While in a culture of diversity, empowerment and adversity, the staff and students at FSO will demonstrate high expectations of respect, trust and integrity and promote a supportive academic environment emphasizing the value of education.

Franklin School of Opportunity's success  will be an everyday effort with a strong commitment from an incredible staff, parents, guardians, community and students. I am thankful to lead such an extraordinary group of individuals each and every day.

Together we will overcome this pandemic and make this vision a reality, one step at a time.

Wishing all of you a safe, healthy and happy holiday season. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me, if I can be of further assistance. Looking forward to seeing you soon!



Terrilynn Bornino-Elwell                                                                                                                                                 

Coordinator of Alternative Education



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