Sports & Exercise Science

Daniel Popio
Teacher, Sports & Exercise Science

Program Overview 
Sports & Exercise Science is a two-year program designed to introduce students to careers in sports science and sports medicine.  Through various hands-on activities and lab practicals, students will learn about proper technique for weightlifting and resistance training, athletic taping/wrapping procedures, rehabilitative exercise & intervention, functional and sport-specific movement assessments, and cardiovascular fitness testing protocols. In year two, students will apply their training and skills learned in year one through clinical observation and internship opportunities. Students will have the opportunity to design programs and assess clients/athletes through the Lakewood Community Fitness Facility.  An emphasis will be placed on preparing for the Physical Therapist Technician/Aide and the ACSM Personal Trainer (CPT) certification exams. 

3 Periods/3 Credits Jr & Sr Years

Future Career Opportunities
Athletic Training
Physical Therapy
Strength and Conditioning
Personal Training
Occupational Therapy
Exercise Physiology
Massage Therapy
Physician Assistant
Orthopedic Surgeon    
Chiropractic Medicine
Sports Psychology

Possible Certifications & Credentials
First Aid
AMCA Physical Therapist Aide