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Welcome to the West Shore Career-Technical District

The West Shore Career-Technical District offers students of varying abilities and career interests a wide spectrum of rewarding, real-world technical education experiences. West Shore programs provide students with hands-on professional training along with high-level academics in new, state-of-the art classrooms and labs.  Students have the opportunity to earn college credit and/or industry credentials at no cost to the home school district, parents, or student.  Please check with the West Shore office for additional information on college credit and industry certification opportunities.   

We look forward serving the students in our district as we prepare them to continue their education and compete in the global marketplace.

Please take a moment to learn more about West Shore:

West Shore Career-Technical Mission Statement

West Shore Career -Technical District Programs & Courses of Study

Preparing Students for the 21st Century Work Force

Opportunities to Earn College Credit

How Career-Technical Programs Have Become Part of the “College Prep” Curriculum

Benefit of Selecting a Career-Technical Program 


West Shore Career Technical District Mission Statement

Connect students with growing industries in the American economy and to give them the skills and training required for long-term success.


West Shore Career -Technical District Programs & Courses of Study

The following is an overview of our programs and opportunities for students:

Health Careers Technology, Sports & Exercise Science and Medical Office Management programs offer students interested in pursuing a career in the high-growth health care industry valuable hands-on, professional experience and training. Health Careers provides an opportunity to earn a State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) license from the State of Ohio. Sports & Exercise Science provides an opportunity to earn ACSM-CPT and AMCA Physical Aide Therapy certifications. And Medical Office Management provides certification in Microsoft Office Suite and training in medical office support.


Culinary Arts students gain real-world restaurant and food service experience in our on-site, student-operated restaurant, Ranger Café @ West Shore, thus preparing them for the ever-growing hospitality industry.  Students have the opportunity to earn ProStart National Certificate of Achievement and ServSafe industry credentials.


Project Lead the Way (Engineering Technology), Electronic Technology, and Construction Trades programs offer a certified project-based curriculum for students to meet the demand for a skilled, educated work force in the diverse field of engineering. Engineering Technology includes opportunity for Project Lead the Way national certification. Construction Trades provides NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) credential.


Business Management and Networking with Cyber Security offer real-world, business-related experience that gives students a competitive advantage to continue their education or enter the work force. Students often work in local businesses gaining meaningful professional experience. Networking students have the opportunity to earn CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification. In Business Management, students have the opportunity to earn MS Office Suite industry credentials including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Media Art & Design provides students with the opportunity to learn media art and design in a Mac lab work environment. Students learn digital illustration, page layout, logo and poster design, typography, story-boarding, web design, animation, digital photography and video editing.


Early Childhood Education provides students an exciting and rewarding opportunity to work with young children, including daily hands-on involvement with infants, toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students at off-campus sites.


Auto Technology students receive training on shop equipment and hand tools necessary to be proficient in the automotive trade industry. Students gain experience with brakes, engines, electrical systems, steering and suspension, heating and air conditioning systems and driveline components. Classroom lessons correlate with active lab experiences using actual vehicles. This program is ASE certified and prepares students to earn ASE certification to become Automotive Technicians.


Theatre Arts will prepare students for careers in various aspects of the dramatic arts, including dramatic text analysis, criticism and playwriting, production design, scene painting, set construction, lighting and audio operations, costume design, and makeup application. Students will also learn the fundamentals of vocal projection, movement, and emotion and apply these skills to a series of scene studies from dramatic masterpieces. They will then examine program requirements for various college theatre programs and prepare monologues and/or portfolios, create professional resumes, and fine tune their audition and interviewing skills.

Preparing Students for the 21st Century Work Force

Employers and college admissions officers respect Career-Technical graduates because they understand that Career-Technical students have completed courses in high-level academics in addition to hands-on training and real-world experience. Students graduate from our one- and two-year programs with documented evidence of their knowledge and skills that will take them to the next step of their education or to entry level skilled employment.

This approach is supported by the President’s Council of Economic Advisers report, Preparing the Workers of Today for the Jobs of Tomorrow, published in July 2009 that states:
As we build a new foundation for economic growth in the 21st century, the nation’s workers will be better prepared for ever-changing opportunities if they have strong analytical and interpersonal skills. High quality education and training is the best way to prepare the workers of today for the jobs of tomorrow.

West Shore’s Career-Technical programs provide students the education, training, and skills to succeed.


Opportunities to Earn College Credit

Many of our programs offer students an opportunity to earn college credit during their West Shore Career-Technical tenure, saving time and money toward a college degree. Our West Shore staff and teachers work with students to explain that the pre-defined requirements are understood and support students to meet the college credit prerequisites.



How Career-Technical Programs Have Become Part of the “College Prep” Curriculum

Thirty years ago, Career-Technical programs, typically referred to as “vocational education”, were primarily focused on teaching students a specific skill set to enter the job market in a pre-determined vocation.
To meet the demands of the global, 21st century workplace, this “vocational education” model has been replaced by a Career-Technical curriculum that combines hands-on, work-based, learning with college preparatory academics and technologically advanced training.


Benefit of Selecting a Career-Technical Program

Often, students focused on a “college prep” curriculum may overlook a Career- Technical program during their high school years. Students may inaccurately assume that since they are planning to go to college, they need to be focused on an exclusive academic track.

While this may have been true a generation ago, it is no longer true today. Many “college prep” students have found Career-Technical programs enhance their college preparation rather than compete with it.
At West Shore, a student’s education is enriched through the development of higher-level critical thinking and interpersonal skills cultivated in our academic and technical curriculum.
We encourage you to consider a West Shore Career-Technical District program. We believe you will find it a meaningful, worthwhile educational experience that provides you with a broad skill set applicable in a variety of workplace and educational settings.



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