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William DiMascio
Educational Coordinator


Dear Families,

In these uncertain times, career-technical education (CTE) is a steady hand that may bring some clarity to your future. We hope you will give our programs serious consideration. With that being said, I am fully aware that CTE often seems to always be fighting the stigma that it is a “lesser path” for students “not intending to go to college.”  This simply is not the case!

The reality is that CTE can provide high school students true career exploration while allowing them to define what success looks like to them in high school--all at no additional cost! Although all of our programs offer college credits we recognize that there is more than one way to define student success beyond a 2- and 4-year college degree -- apprenticeships, technical schools, specialty schools, credentialing, and directly entering the workforce beyond high school all offer students the opportunity to learn, earn and grow.

Did you know?

  • The average high school graduation rate for students concentrating in CTE programs is 95%, compared to an overall graduation rate of 85%.¹

  • CTE students and their parents are three times more likely to report being “very satisfied” with the real-world learning component of their education than non-CTE students and parents.²

  • Students enrolled in CTE courses are significantly more likely to develop problem-solving, project completion, research, communication, time management, and critical thinking skills during high school.³

  • West Shore Career-Tech is ranked 3rd out of 90 career-technical centers in the State of Ohio with a passage rate of 94.8% on our end of course exams.4

By no means are we saying that because you choose one of our career paths that this is the field you are “locked into” for life.  You may discover your life’s passion or you may find out what you do not want to do! 

I do encourage you to take a look at the success stories posted on our website. Please take the time to explore the 13 technical programs we offer at Lakewood High School and uncover the competitive advantages they offer. 



William DiMascio
Principal/Coordinator CTE


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