Theatre Arts

Domenic Farinelli
Teacher, Drama
Theatre Arts

This is a two-year program that will prepare students for careers in various aspects of the dramatic arts. Through dramatic text analysis, criticism, and playwriting, students will learn how theatre is crafted, as well as how it functions as a workplace. They will practice the principle aspects of production design through units focused in stage equipment, scene painting, set construction, lighting and audio operations, costume design, and makeup application.

Students will also learn the fundamentals of vocal projection, movement, and emotion and apply these skills to a series of scene studies from dramatic masterpieces. They will then examine program requirements for various college theatre programs and prepare monologues and/or portfolios, create professional resumes, and fine tune their audition and interviewing skills.

2 Periods/2 Credits Jr. & Sr. Years

Theatre Arts 1
Open to Grade 11
Application and Interview Required
Prerequisite: Algebra 1 (completed or currently passing)
Recommended: Drama

Theatre Arts 2
Open to Grade 12
Prerequisite: Theatre Arts 1
Suggested: Algebra 2

Courses: Acting & Script Analysis, Stagecraft, Acting Performance, Costuming & Makeup, Theatre Arts Capstone (optional 2 additional credits)

Future Career Opportunities
Scenic Designer
Lighting Designer
Sound Designer
Costume Designer
Makeup Artist

Competencies Explored
Acting Process
Literary Criticism
Costume & Set Design
Lighting & Sound Design
Makeup Design & Application

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College Credit Option
Theater Arts students have the opportunity to earn college credit with several are colleges. To be eligible, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in the Theatre Arts Program, maintain an overall GPA per admission criteria of the college (generally 2.0 or 2.5), complete Algebra 2, and complete all other requirements deemed necessary by the particular college's admission office.