Specialized Career Technical Programs

Diane Kastelic
VOSE Coordinator

Program Overview

Application Required
2-4 Credits per year, 2-4 periods/day depending on program

On the Job Training
Our Transition Coordinator helps students obtain and maintain employment and provides support as the student learns to negotiate the world of work.  Credits and grades are earned depending on time spent on the job and participation in job-related expectations.  Scheduled meetings with the work study coordinator and employer evaluations help ensure a smooth transition from school to work.


Community Based Training
Recommended: Career Assessment Evaluation
Community based training programs provide students training in a variety of departments depending on their interests and abilities.   Students focus on accurate job execution with the assistance of a teacher and an educational aide.  Additionally, mentors within the companies help them develop competencies. This includes teamwork, problem-solving, productivity and time management.

Work Sites
Gordon Food Service Store: Students stock and replenish shelves, clean and sanitize food prep areas, practice customer service, gather carts, and condense box bins.

Cleveland Airport Marriott:  Students further their work independence in this large facility.  Students work in the following areas:  room service, maintenance, housekeeping, dish-washing assist and banquets.

Rae Ann Suburban Nursing Facility:  Students strive for mastery in skills common to long-term care facilities: food service, laundry/housekeeping and simple maintenance.  


Career Assessment Evaluation
The purpose of a Career Assessment is to help students understand their career interests, learning styles, abilities and work-setting preferences. The information obtained from tests and observation are compiled into an easy-to-read report.  This report will assist students and parents in making informed choices about career planning.  

Community Based Job Training programs help prepare a student for an entry-level position.
Goals of these programs include:

  • Acquiring work skills that are needed to be successful on the job.

  • Gaining mastery of safety procedures.

  • Improving soft skills that focus upon social interaction, hygiene and appearance, and teamwork.



Mrs Kelly Waldorf
Rae-Ann Suburban Nursing Facility
Gordon Food Services

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Mrs. Stephanie Severino
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