Culinary Arts

Devan Corti
Teacher, Career-Tech, Culinary Arts

Program Overview
This is a two-year program for those students who wish to pursue a career in the food service/hospitality industry. During year one, students learn the fundamentals of food preparation. Students prepare food items for the restaurant and catering events to gain real life experiences in the hospitality industry. Students complete the ServSafe curriculum for food safety training. Near the end of their first year, students are expected to obtain a work experience and work part time. Students also assist in the operation of the Ranger Café @ West Shore and gain real-life experience in the hospitality industry. During year two, students are responsible for the production and execution of the Ranger Café @ West Shore Restaurant. Passage of both the ProStart 1 and 2 exams and the completion of work requirements can lead to ProStart certification upon graduation.

4 Periods/4 Credits Jr & Sr Years

Future Career Opportunities
Pastry Chef
Kitchen Assistant
Short Order Cook/Prep Cook
Assistant Banquet Manager
Assistant Food and Beverage Manager
Dining Room Manager

Skills Learned
Students who are in the Culinary Arts program have the advantage to start their careers earlier. Students in the program learn the fundamentals of cooking such as knife cuts, stocks, soups, sauces, cooking methods, basic baking techniques, basic meat fabrication, front of the house related duties such as serving and busing and career building skills. This program helps students hone their culinary skills which then prepares them for the workplace and for post-secondary options.



Program Requirements

CulinaryArts/ ProStart Internship 1
Open to Grade 11
4 Periods/4 Credits Jr. Year
Prerequisites: One foods class or food prep experience or department approval
Suggested: Algebra 1

CulinaryArts/ ProStart Internship 2
Open to Grade 12
4 Periods/4 Credits Sr. Year
Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Culinary 1
Suggested: Algebra 2

Culinary A              Culinary B 


Culinary C        Culinary D              

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Student Success Stories

Sahana Petras
Class of 2014
Studying at Culinary Institute of America


Leadership Organization

FCCLA - Family, Career & Community Leaders of America



Culinary 1
Chef Devan Corti
216-529-4165  ext. 3

Culinary 2
Chef Robert McGorray
216-529-4165  ext. 2