Electronic Engineering Technology

Andre' Bruwer
Teacher, Electronics

Program Overview:
This is a two-year program that provides students the opportunity to explore fundamental concepts of electronic technology.  Students are exposed to both a fully computerized classroom and a workshop where they get to learn the hands-on side of electronics, as well as the theory behind the projects they build. With the options available, students can earn college credit.

3 Periods/3 Credits Jr & Sr Years
(Opportunity to take 1 course Sophomore year for Lakewood students)

Electronics Pre-Engineering Technologies

Open to Grade 10; Open to and required for Grade 11 if student has not taken

Electronic Engineering Technology 1
Open to Grade 11
Prerequisite: Electronics Pre-Engineering Technologies and Algebra 1 (passed or currently passing)
Courses: Analog Based Electronic Devices, DC & AC Electronic Circuits

Electronic Engineering Technology 2
Open to Grade 12
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Electronic Technology 1 and Algebra 2
Courses: Robotics, Digital Electronics, Engineering Capstone


Future Career Opportunities
Aerospace Electronics
Appliance Repair Technician
Cable Technician
Communication Services Technician
Computer Technician
Electronic Assembly
Engineering Technician
Field Service Retail Electronic Sales
Engineering Assistant/R&D
Security Systems Technician
Electronics Technician
Endless Military Options
STEM Field Applications

Electrical Wiring
Electronic Design Engineer

Skills Learned
AC & DC Circuit Analysis
Power Supplies
RLC Circuits
Computer Principles
Switching & Control
Information Transfer
Hands on Applications


 Electronics A                  Electronics B

Internship Opportunities (paid or unpaid)
Work experience 2nd semester senior year, 15 hours per week in a related occupation

College Credit Option:
Electronic Technology has articulation agreements with several area colleges.  To be eligible for college credit the student must maintain a 3.0 GPA in Electronic Technology, maintain an overall GPA per admission criteria of the college (2.0 or 2.5), complete Algebra 2, and complete all other rquirements deemed necessary by the particular college admissions office.


Electronic Technology Video




Wallace Pattison
University of Akron        Major: Electrical Engineering
Employer: Lockheed Martin

Mr. Andre Bruwer
Electronic Technology
216/227-5701 ext. 4191