Drop Off and Pick Up

Posted On: Monday, January 11, 2021

Parents dropping off and picking up students will use the Emerson parking lot. Follow the cones through the parking lot, pulling up as far as possible. In the morning, students will exit cars and walk on the sidewalk to reach the school. In the afternoon, students will be held in a safe-zone until all cars have stopped. Then, students will be permitted to move to their vehicles & will receive help with doors, as needed. 

Regular student pick up is strictly prohibited at the turnaround off of Clifton Boulevard. For safety reasons, this area is reserved for contracted van services and for AM & PM preschool arrival and dismissal only. 

To help the traffic run more smoothly, please do not turn left into the parking lot off of Emerson Avenue. Rather, approach from Nicholson Avenue and turn right into the school driveway.  Turning left creates a traffic flow problem, blocks driveways of neighbors and makes it difficult to pass if emergency vehicles are needed. Though the line appears long on Emerson, it flows quickly when all cars are turning right into the school. Staff members coming into school are allowed to make the left turn due to specific scheduled work hours.

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