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Mark Walter

Mark Walter


A Message from the Principal’s Desk


It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of the third quarter and we will soon be knee deep in end-of-year academic testing, spring performing arts shows, spring sports, and year-end celebrations.  However, along with all of the events on the calendar we cannot fail to remember the importance of focusing on the day-to-day work. Although there are many articles on habits of successful students, I want to reinforce some daily habits that I feel are key to ending the year successfully:


  1. Get Organized. Making a plan for what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it will ensure you’re always ahead of the curve.  

  2. Sleep.  Don’t underestimate the importance of those eight hours of shut-eye every night.   Getting a good night’s sleep will sharpen your focus and improve your working memory.

  3. Daily Attendance.  Arriving to school with enough time to get yourself prepared for learning and being in attendance each day are critical for academic success.

  4. Study.  Studying and reviewing material several days ahead, in small chunks, and in different manners is the best strategy to prepare for exams.  The days you have no, or little, written homework are ideal for preparing for the next test.

  5. Ask Questions. You’re in school to learn, so don’t be afraid to do just that!  Asking for help from a teacher, a tutor, a friend is a great way to make sure you understand the material.  Remember, if you have a question about something, someone else certainly does too.

  6. Find Balance.  The best habit is to find a balance between academics, extracurricular's, work, community, and your social life.  Too much of any one area is not productive and healthy. Make sure you find time for each, but focus on what will help you be successful in the future and be a happy, well-rounded person.


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