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Mark Walter

Mark Walter

In my role as a high school principal, I often interact with employers who are seeking young people to fill important jobs in their organizations. One of the concerns that I often hear is that students lack the needed employability skills to be successful in the workplace. This is where the partnership between home and school can help better prepare our students for college and careers.

Many of the employability skills are supported through the “Vision of a Lakewood Graduate” lessons and our West Shore Career-Tech courses that focus on communication, critical thinking and collaboration. In addition, students need to learn how to apply the academic skills they have obtained and use them in a practical way in the workplace.

An important area of concern that employers share with me is in effective relationships. Too many potential employees lack the interpersonal skills and personal qualities that employers are looking for.

Interpersonal skills include the ability to collaborate as a member of a team or work independently, as appropriate; communicate effectively; maintain a positive attitude; and contribute to the overarching goals of the workplace. Personal qualities that employers are seeking include responsibility, self-discipline, punctuality/attendance, integrity, and initiative. Other essential qualities are the willingness to learn and acceptance of responsibility for one’s own personal growth.

I am a firm believer that when students have these employability skills taught in school and reinforced at home, our LHS graduates will be highly prepared for college and careers. Now is the time for students to learn and apply these skills in school as well as in part-time jobs they may have during high school. For more information on what skills are essential to success in the workplace please visit this website from the Perkins Collaborative Resource Networ



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