American Sign Language Club   

Contact Info:

Mrs. Elizabeth Stoneman

Lakewood City Schools -
Educational Interpreter (2010-2021)
Paraprofessional (2009, 2021-Current)




****This was for a previous sign language club that is no longer in session but please feel free to browse the materials and learn something new!****






Constitution of ASL Club 

This organization shall be named American Sign Language Club and may be referred to as ASL Club or Sign Club.

Statement of Purpose:
The purpose of The American Sign Language Club is to provide an active forum for those who wish to learn or improve their sign language and learn about deaf culture.

The objective of The American Sign Language Club shall be to create awareness about Deaf culture both academically and in an extracurricular setting.

The American Sign Language Club shall comply with all Lakewood City Schools’ policies and procedures, including but not limited to those policies set forth in the Lakewood City Schools Student Handbook.

General Membership includes -
A. Membership of The ASL Club shall be open to all students in Good Academic Standing.
B. Active membership in The American Sign Language Club is defined as not missing more than three club meetings. Activities are built on previous meetings therefor if multiple are missed, skills will not be gained.

The Advisor of the American Sign Language Club shall be Mrs. Stoneman.

General member meetings will be held once a week 

A. If a member should directly or indirectly go against the guiding principles and objectives of the ASL Club and/or against school rules or policy, disciplinary action may be taken.
B. Consequences- The consequences will be at the discretion of the Advisor and may include expulsion from the club.


Per Advisor: Mrs. Stoneman