LHS Clubs

2019-2020 Clubs




Academic Challenge

Mr. Sedlak, Mr. Petto

American Youth Foundation Leadership

Ms. Wheeler

Art Club

Mrs. Hansen


Ms. Sabin

Barnstormers Drama Club

Mr. Farinelli

Chess Club

Mr. Heslep


Mr. Ebner

Class of 2020

Mrs. Alten, Ms. Nazelli

Class of 2021

Ms. Klepatzki

Class of 2022

Ms. Sarnowski

Class of 2023

Mr. McGorray, Mr. Thome


Mr. Rerko

Dead Tree Society

Mrs. Lewis

Educators Rising

Ms. Stephenson

Environmental Club

Ms. Krumroy

Facing History Girls' Leadership Group

Mrs. Eadeh

Film Club

Mr. Lobozzo

French Honor Society (Honorary only)

Mme. Braquet

Gamers Club

Mr. Streets

German Club

Mr. Sent


Mr. Streets

History Club

Dr. Greanoff

Horticulture (For horticulture students)

Mrs. Snare

Key Club

Ms. Stephenson

Le Cercle Francais (French Club)

Mme. Braquet

LHS Bands

Mr. Steinbrunner

LHS TV/Video Club

Mr. Bunsey, Mrs. Storey

Mock Trial

Mr. Lewis

Model U.N.

Ms. Kindstrand

National Art Honor Society

Mrs. Hansen

National Technical Honor Society

Mrs. Ralls

National Honor Society

Mr. Roth

Opera Club

Mr. Sedlak

Orchestra, Four Seasons String Quartet, Lakewood Project

Dr. Hankins

Physics Club

Mr. Hille

Ping Pong Club

Mrs. Snare

Race & Diversity

Mr. Lobozzo, Mr. Brookholt

Ski & Snowboard Club

not active

Student Council

Ms. Guzowski


Mr. Ebner

Travel Club

Mrs. Gliozzi

Vocal Music

Ms. Brooks

Watters Science

Mrs. Hubbard

Yoga Club

Ms. May

Young Life

Mr. Alex Meyers

Westshore - Auto Technology

Mr. Szittai

Westshore- Business Management I&II

Mrs. Plute

Westshore - CAD

Mr. Holmok

Westshore - Cisco Networking

Mr. Rerko

Westshore- Culinary

Mr. McGorray, Ms. Corti

Westshore- Early Childhood



Mr. Bruwer

WestShore - GFS & Rae Ann Job Training

Mrs. Waldorf

Westshore-Job Training Club

Mrs. Severino

Westshore- Medical Office Management (MOM)

Mrs. Martin

Westshore- Scrubs-Health Careers

Mrs. Smith


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