Last Updated: 1/25/2021 4:42 PM <p >Lakewood High School offers a course selection of nearly 200 courses including 16 Advanced Placement courses. Programming also includes college credit courses, a career technical program, a digital academy and independent study.<br /> <br /> <a href="" >2019-2020 Course Selection Guide</a ></p > <p ><a href="" >Credit Flexibility Options</a ></p > <p > </p > <p ><strong >COURSES OF STUDY:</strong ><br /> <br />  <a href="#lang_arts" >Language Arts</a > || <a href="#math" >Mathematics</a > || <a href="#science" >Science</a > || <a href="#ss" >Social Studies</a > || <a href="#Music" >Music/Arts </a >|| <a href="#Foreign_language" >Foreign Language</a > || <a href="#career_tech" >Career Tech</a > || <a href="#Phys_Ed" >Phys Ed/Health</a ></p > <p ><a name="lang_arts" >Language Arts</a ></p > <table border="0" > <tbody > <tr > <td > <ul > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/english 1 course of study.pdf?id=63434" >English 1</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/english 2 course of study.pdf?id=63437" >English 2</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/english 3 course of study.pdf?id=63438" >English 3</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/english 4 course of study.pdf?id=63433" >English 4</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/English%20Language%20and%20Composition.pdf" >AP English Language & Composition</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/AP English 12.pdf" >AP English 12</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/Broadcast Theater Production course of study.pdf" >Broadcast/Theater Production</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/CONTEMPORARY READING SKILLS CURRICULUM 2011.pdf" >Contemporary Reading Skills</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/Diversity in Lit Course of Study 2012-13 (2).pdf" >Diversity in Literature</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/Drama Course of Study 7-14-08.pdf" >Drama</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/Journalism Course of Study.pdf" >Journalism</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/PRAC COMM SKILLS CURRICULUM 2011.pdf" >Practical Communication Skills</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/file/Writing for College.doc" >Writing for College</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/English Language and Composition.pdf" >English Language and Composition</a ></li > </ul > </td > </tr > </tbody > </table > <p ><a name="math" >Mathematics</a ></p > <table border="0" > <tbody > <tr > <td > <ul > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/algebra 1 math course of study spring 2019.pdf?id=65247" >Algebra 1</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/algebra 2 lakewood city schools course of study 2019.pdf?id=65248" >Algebra 2</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/Advanced%20Algebra%202%20Math%20Course%20of%20Study.pdf" >Advanced Algebra 2</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/intermediate course of study (2).docx" >Intermediate Algebra</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/Consumer Math Course of Study rev 1.pdf" >Consumer Math</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/geometry lakewood city schools course of study 2019 .pdf?id=65249" >Geometry</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/Advanced%20Geometry%20Math%20Course%20of%20Study.pdf" >Advanced Geometry</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/Statistics Course of Study rev 2.doc" >Statistics</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles//file/AP Statistics Course of Study rev 1.doc" >AP Statistics</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/precalculus course of study.docx" >Pre Calculus</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/file/Calculus AB.doc" >Calculus AB</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/Calculus BC.docx" >Calculus BC</a ></li > </ul > </td > </tr > </tbody > </table > <p > <a name="science" >Science </a ></p > <table border="0" > <tbody > <tr > <td > <ul > <li ><a href="/UserFiles/file/cos_sci_11_anatomy_physiology.pdf" target="_blank" >Anatomy & Physiology</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/biology course of study.pdf?id=61777" >Biology</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/advanced biology course of study.pdf?id=61778" >Advanced Biology</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/Materials%20Science%20Chemistry%20COS%2012-10.pdf" >Materials Science Chemistry</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/1602/file/HSscienceMCNovember2012%5B1%5D.pdf" target="_blank" >Chemistry</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/AP%20Chemistry%20syllabus%20TWO%202013.pdf" >AP Chemistry</a ></li > <li ><a href="/UserFiles/file/cos_sci_horticulture.pdf" target="_blank" >Horticulture</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/introduction to life science course of study.pdf?id=61780" >Intro to Life Sciences</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/Fun%20Phys%20COS%2008.doc" >Fundamental Physics</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/1602/file/HSscienceMCNovember2012%5B1%5D.pdf" >Physics </a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/file/AP Physics COS 08.doc" >AP Physics</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/1602/file/HSscienceMCNovember2012%5B1%5D.pdf" >Physical Science</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/1602/file/HSscienceMCNovember2012%5B1%5D.pdf" >Advanced Physical Science </a ></li > </ul > </td > </tr > </tbody > </table > <p ><a name="ss" >Social Studies </a ></p > <table border="0" > <tbody > <tr > <td > <ul > <li ><a href="/userfiles//file/9th grade Social Studies COS.doc" >Ninth Grade</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/file/10th grade Social Studies COS.pdf" >Tenth Grade</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/file/AP Modern European History 1450-Present COS.pdf" >AP Modern European History</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/file/Current Events C_ of S_.pdf" >Current Events</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/Government & Economics.doc" >Government & Economics</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/file/Lakewood City Schools Popular Culture Course of Study.pdf" >Popular Culture</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles//file/Course of Study - Psychology, 2008.doc" >Psychology</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/file/Curriculum Final Draft unit1 Sociological Perspective.pdf" >Sociology</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/U_S History Course of Study.doc" >U.S. History</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/World History 9th Grade.doc" >World History</a ></li > </ul > </td > </tr > </tbody > </table > <p >  Music/Arts</p > <p > </p > <table border="0" > <tbody > <tr > <td > <ul > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/ap art studio syllabus_ 2017-2018.pdf?id=65354" >AP Art Studio</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles//file/AP Music Theory Course of Study.doc" >AP Music Theory</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/Music for Today Course of Study.doc" >Music for Today</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/Photography%201.doc" >Photography 1</a ></li > </ul > </td > </tr > </tbody > </table > <p ><br />  World Languages </p > <p > </p > <table border="0" > <tbody > <tr > <td > <ul > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/lakewood city schools course of study year one world language.pdf?id=64894" >Year 1</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/lakewood city schools course of study year two world language.pdf?id=64896" >Year 2</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/lakewood city schools course of study year three world language.pdf?id=64895" >Year 3</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/lakewood city schools course of study year four_five world language.pdf?id=64897" >Years 4/5</a ></li > <li > </li > </ul > </td > </tr > </tbody > </table > <p ><br />  Career Tech</p > <table border="0" > <tbody > <tr > <td > <ul > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/2015 auto tech course of study final.pdf?id=53386" >Automotive Technology</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/Business%20Management%20Course%20of%20Study%20%202015.pdf" >Business Management</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/file/COMPUTER APPLI 2009.doc" >Computer Applications</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/2015 construction course of study final.pdf?id=53387" >Construction Trades</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/culinary course of study final 2016.pdf?id=56022" >Culinary Arts/ProStart 1 & 2</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/lakewood city schools course of study early childhood education.pdf?id=64901" >Early Childhood Education</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/2015 electronics course of study final.pdf?id=53395" >Electronics</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/family consumer science signed_2016 (2).pdf?id=53272" >Family & Consumer Science</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/2015 health careers course of study final.pdf?id=53397" >Health Careers</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/file/IT ESSENTIALS - 2008.doc" >Information Technolgy - IT Essentials</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/Networking_Courses%20of%20Study%202015_Final.pdf" >Information Technology - Networking & Hardware Systems</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/2015 media, art & design course of study final.pdf?id=53402" >Media, Art & Design </a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/2015 networking course of study final.pdf?id=53403" >Networking</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/MOM%20course%20of%20study%20%202015.pdf" >Medical Office Management</a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/file/PLTW 2009.pdf" >Project Lead the Way</a ></li > </ul > </td > </tr > </tbody > </table > <p ><br />  Physical Education</p > <table border="0" > <tbody > <tr > <td > <ul > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/file/PE%20COS%202009.doc" >P.E. 9-12 </a ></li > <li ><a href="/userfiles/2312/my files/high school health course of study.pdf?id=62907" >Health</a ></li > </ul > </td > </tr > </tbody > </table > <p > </p >