LHS Pathfinders

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Career-Technical American Historical Recipes  
  Foreign Foods Recipes Salipante
  Cuisine and Culture   
  Creative Cooking Chicken Contest  Salipante
  Disabilities in Early Childhood  
  History of Furniture  
Fine Arts Creativity Through Visual Imagery   
  Art History  
Foreign Language French Language/Francophone Countries  
  French Revolution   
  French Literature   
  German Art  
  German Architecture  
  Roman Colonies  
  Roman Art, Architecture, & Technology  
  The Roman Forum  
  Roman Emperors  
Health/PE Infectious Diseases  
Language Arts/Literature Shakespeare, the Globe Theater and the Elizabethan Worldview                  
  Art and Poetry: How Great Thou Art  
  Regency Period in England  
   The Canterbury Tales and Medieval Life  
  Life in the 1960's  
  British Authors: Literary Criticism   
  Middle Ages & Renaissance Perttu
  Life in 19th Century England  Pearce & Blackie 
  Literary Magazine  Blackie 
  Film Study   
  Symbols & Culture   
  Diego Rivera  
  Cyrano De Bergerac  
  Women in the Middle East  
  The Things They Carried  
Science & Math Mathematician Diversity Project   
  Celebrated Chemists   
  Genetic Disorders   
  Energy: pros and cons of our decicions  
  Cellular Respiration    
  Infectious Diseases   
Social Studies The Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs of all Time: Historical and Cultural Context   Stupiansky & Flynn
  Beatles Song Lyrics      
  100 Best Songs of the Decade   World War I Battles   
  World War 1 New Weapons   
  A Fight for Civil Rights   
  The 1920s  
  Harlem Renaissance  
  Supreme Court Decisions   
  CIA Covert Operations   
  Industrial Revolution  
  American Historical Recipes  
  Presidents of the United States   
  Public Opinion and Polling   
  Voting and Voting Behaviors  
  Greater Cleveland Research  Ebner
  French Revolution  
  Monuments and Memorials Nazelli 
  The Fifties Project   
  American Culture in the  1980s  
  Life in 19th century England  
  Supreme Court Decisions That Affected Education  
   Teen Life in the 20th Century  
Others  Deaf Education