Superintendent's Message

Recently, I was one of 20 superintendents who co-signed a letter to our state School Board members, state legislators and leaders at the Ohio Department of Education. The letter asked for these groups to involve those of us at the district level more in the process when it comes to making laws and handing down mandates that affect our students and staff. In addition, we ask for a new state superintendent that can balance the perspective of all groups advocating for high quality public education and change in the overemphasis on state assessments and the results. You can find the complete letter here. It is important that our leaders in Columbus know that we at the local level will always represent our students’ and teachers’ needs first.

On another note, as the school year is beginning to wind down, I want to thank all the students, parents and staff who have put so much effort into making it another successful year! You are what make Lakewood City Schools a special place!


Jeff Patterson


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