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I am thrilled to be kicking off the 2016-2017 school year with three beautiful new elementary buildings! Students and staff at Grant, Lincoln and Roosevelt Elementaries will now have the same quality learning environments that the rest of our elementary students do. And next year, with the completion of the additions at Lakewood High School, our Facilities Master Plan will finally be complete. I am proud to be part of a district where we all work hard to accomplish the common goal of providing the best education for our youth and to be part of a community that supports public education so strongly!

Completing our Facilities Masters Plan is one of the District Goals set for this school year. Below is the complete list of goals as approved by our Board of Education. I know with our dedicated and talented staff, our hard working students and our supportive families, we can all work together to meet these goals. I wish everyone a wonderful and productive school year!

Goal 1:    To Improve Student Achievement

  • To give all students the support to realize at least a full year of academic growth
  • To build students’ critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication skills to become productive 21st Century learners
  • To make progress on becoming a top 20 school district by the year 2020 and develop a rubric to measure that progress
  • To focus on the development of the whole child by conducting a thorough study of extra- and co-curricular activities and the community recreation and education program

                   Areas of Focus:

  • Provide continued support in the implementation of  Ohio’s Learning Standards through consistent implementation of all district curriculum and curricular initiatives 
  • Continue District implementation of the RTII framework and building wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) at all levels
  • Integrate technology within the curriculum to prepare students and staff for 21st Century learning and assessment, including continued support of a 1:1 computing model at the middle schools and staggered implementation of a 1:1 computing model at Lakewood High School
  • Deepen the instructional leadership skills of our principals and teachers for their learning communities
  • Plan for the implementation of new service models for gifted instruction to meet the needs of gifted students districtwide no later than the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year
  • Implement career-technical educational opportunities at the middle schools

Goal 2:    To  Continue the District Construction Project and Plan for Ongoing Maintenance of all District Facilities

  • Celebrate the opening of Grant, Lincoln and Roosevelt Elementary Schools (August, 2016)
  • Collaborate with all city officials and the neighborhood to ensure the safety and security of the students, staff and visitors at the high school construction site
  • Collaborate with the OFCC, Ozanne Construction, AECOM, Brewer-Garrett and TRA to complete phases of the high school project on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of stakeholders
  •  Monitor the high school construction schedule to meet the following timelines:
    • Transition into the new Guidance area for the start of the 2016-17 school year.
    • Plan for the opening of the academic wing after winter break (January, 2017)
    • Plan for the sale of the modular learning spaces and preparation of the parking lot North of Franklin Blvd (August, 2017)
    • Plan for the transition from the existing kitchen and dining places to the new kitchen and dining hall after spring break in April, 2017
    • Plan for the opening of the east side and the final renovation of the A & B building for the start of the 2017-2018 school year
  • Plan for an open house for both the academic wing (Dec, 2016) and the east side of the building and renovation of the A & B building (August, 2017)
  • Work with the building staff to ensure the smooth transition and operation of the elementary schools for the 2016 -17 school year and for the high school academic wing for January, 2017.
  • Work with the OFCC, Ozanne Construction, GPD, Brewer-Garrett and TRA to prepare for the final closeout for our three elementary schools
  • Implement a long-range facilities maintenance program

Goal 3:    To Build upon the Confidence of the Staff and the Community in the Lakewood Schools

  • Focus on the positive accomplishments of our students and staff
  • Communicate effectively to all stakeholders about the Lakewood School District’s programs and offerings
  • Utilize the community’s feedback to make decisions on the future use of Taft, Franklin and Central Office
  • Further develop community and business partnerships to enhance our curriculum and opportunities for our students
  • Collaborate with parents, students, staff and community members to increase participation, seek alternative funding sources and effectively schedule existing facilities for the Community Recreation and Education Commission programs
  • Plan for increased community use of the new district facilities 

Goal 4:     To Provide for Fiscal Stability of our Lakewood City School District

  • Effectively communicate and engage our stakeholders regarding the financial condition of the school district
  • Empower the insurance committee to educate all stakeholders on the financial impact to the District of the relationship between benefit structure and cost
  • Monitor enrollment and staffing levels to maximize the balance between student achievement and cost effectiveness
  • Cooperate with the Financial Advisory Committee to effectively communicate with our staff and community our financial outlook
  • Expand the District wellness plan for all employees through the Wellness Committee
  • Continue to monitor legislative changes that impact the financial and operational resources of the District
  • Effectively invest construction funds to maximize returns while meeting the expected construction financing
  • Implement findings from an energy and facility performance report/audit.

Goal 5:     Maintain Positive Relationships and a Collaborative Working Environment with All Employees in Lakewood City Schools 

  • Enhance the educational environment and opportunities for all students
  • Maintain effective communications with all employee groups
  • Work within economic realities and the District’s financial forecast to attract and retain quality employees

Jeff Patterson


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