Principal's Message

Merritt Waters


When I address our school community, I often refer to us as the “Horace Mann Family.”  I share Joyce Epstein’s opinion that the best school & family partnerships place the student at the center.  I believe that students are the main actors in their own education, and together, we engage, guide, energize and motivate them to produce their own success.  


Philosophy is not enough...we all need ways to put the ideals of partnership into action. If you haven’t done so already, I invite you to review the Parent Involvement Plan on pages 5-7 of the Horace Mann Family Handbook. There, you will find many ways to play an active role in your child’s school experience.


In that spirit, it is our goal for every parent to meet with your child’s teacher at least once each year.  If you have not yet signed up for a conference, please contact your child’s teacher.  One conference will be scheduled for each child on November 1st-3rd.  If there are special circumstances, please contact Dr. Waters at (216) 529 - 4257.


At the conference, the teacher(s) will provide you with updates about your child’s performance.  Additionally, if your child needs formal intervention in reading, the Reading Improvement & Monitoring Plan (RIMP) will be reviewed at the meeting. Similarly, if your child meets criteria for gifted identification, the Written Education Plan (WEP) will be shared.  


As partners, teachers welcome parent questions and suggestions.  At the same time, teachers appreciate the support and follow through that can only happen at home. Together, we give our kids the tools they need to take flight!

Dr. Merritt F. Waters


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