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Dear Horace Mann Community,            

In addition to the core academic areas of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science, Horace Mann students are involved in Physical Education, Art, and Music each year.  Students participate in a full year of music instruction with Mr. Waryk (or one of the instrumental music teachers), and three quarters of Physical Education with Mr. Karabaic. For more information, see his Gym News on page 4. 

Horace Mann students have been busy artists this year.  In addition to the art-inspired elements of their classroom work, they participated in art instruction with Art teacher Mr. Vargas during the second quarter.  Many of you viewed this amazing work in the hallway before or after the winter concert.  Children learn art techniques and develop skills by working toward state Visual Arts standards.  Our HMES student artists created beautiful artwork—such as 3-d Van Goghs—which brightened our halls.

On the Music scene,  Horace Mann students in grades K-3 will sing and dance up a storm in musical workshops of Cinderella, Wizard of Oz, or The Jungle Book .  Children exercise their imagination, creativity, and reasoning skills as they explore musical theater with our Kids Love Musicals artists-in-residence, along with Music teacher Mr. Waryk.  Each grade actively participates in this arts residency for two 50-minute workshops, and every child will a be musical theater performer.  Later this year, students who need a modified music curriculum will participate in the adapted Kids Love Musicals program.  Many thanks to the Horace Mann PTA for enabling our students to have this unique experience!

Another amazing music opportunity is happening for our students with disabilities through their involvement with a music therapist from the Beck Center for the Arts.  Thanks to a PTA grant, a music therapist works with each of our 6 homerooms for children with moderate-intensive disabilities, helping them explore music.  Parents of children taking the classes are invited to attend a classroom performance on February 10th.

We are proud to offer children a well-rounded education to develop the whole person and make school a  place to discover and enjoy a wide range of interests.  Thank you to all the support from staff and parents!

Warmest regards,

Dr. Merritt F. Waters


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