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Dear Families,

This week, our former Lincoln started her transformation toward the Lincoln of the next generation.  With a mix of nostalgia, sadness and excitement for what is to come, we watched the cranes slowly begin their dismantling dance.  On the fitting day of February 14th, everyone who had love for Lincoln will have the opportunity to purchase one of her bricks as a remembrance.  See details for the sale in the “updates” section.

This month, our 3-5 students will be taking the first assessments in the new computer-based format.  We have been preparing students by providing them with instruction that focuses on critical thinking and problem solving. Our district elementary focus on “close reading” means that students are experiencing tasks that require them to thoughtfully read a text and give careful interpretation to meaning, resulting in higher levels of comprehension.

To prepare students for the computer generated portion of the test, students have been integrating technology with the curriculum at ever-increasing levels. With the assistance of our Curriculum and Technology Teacher, Mrs. Gleason, classroom teachers have learned strategies to infuse technology rather than having technology become an “add-on” to a lesson.  Students are collaborating with one another and learning skills that will be required of them as they enter higher learning and careers beyond.

While embarking on something new can be worrisome, please know that we feel confident that we are preparing your child for success.


Sandy Kozelka


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