Principal's Message

Sandra Kozelka
Principal, Lincoln Elementary

Dear Families,

As we round the corner into December, we have many family-friendly events happening here at Lincoln and welcome your visit.

On the curriculum front, on December 4-5, Lincoln will be hosting a staff developer from Columbia University’s Teachers College.  Simone Fraser will work with 3-5 teachers from several Lakewood elementary schools.  During the rotations of the day, Ms. Fraser will create a collegial environment where teachers learn side-by-side and then work in Lincoln classrooms to practice their craft of teaching reading under her coaching eye.  Not only is this a wonderful experience for teachers and the students of those classrooms, but many other students are commenting, “I didn’t know teachers had to go to school”.  This has provided a natural way to talk about life-long learning.

Then, on the social justice front, Lincoln students are showing leadership skills by having planned three recent events.  First, we filled a dresser and several laundry baskets with new socks to donate to people who find themselves homeless.  Then, we filled several grocery carts in November to benfit the Lakewood Community Service Center’s food campaign for the hungary.  Finally, in December, we will begin our “Fill the Crib” initiative to provide items for children who are being sheltered by Providence House. We are proud of the efforts and caring attitudes of our students.

Learn. Lead. Succeed.

Wishing you and your family a festive holiday season,

Sandy Kozelka




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