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Dear Families,

I want to invite you and your families to mark your calendars for August 17 at 6:00 pm for the dedication ceremony for our new school. There will be a short program followed by a Community Open House. It was just one year ago this month that we participated in the ground-breaking ceremony and we are looking forward to dedicating our new building to the next generation of students.

This month finds our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students beginning to “showing what they know” on spring assessments.   The schedule is listed in these pages and you will be getting reminders from your child’s classroom teachers as well. You can help by making sure your child has breakfast, is on-time to school and well rested in order to put forth their best efforts.

Over the years of school, your students’ homework has included “practice your math facts”.  While plain old flashcards were the only way we parents practiced as kids, there are lots of new, exciting apps and websites to help students master their basic math facts.  Throughout this school year, our students have been practicing their math facts using a program called Reflex Math.  Lincoln PTA generously funded this programming as a pilot to determine if this would be a more effective way to master math facts. To date, Lincoln students have answered over 4 million math facts!  This is way more practice than we would have realized without a common commitment across grade levels to fluency instruction.

Another favorite making a return in May is One School One Book event.  Last year, we partnered with Hayes for a giant kick-off at Garfield School. This year, each Lakewood elementary school will be embarking on a One School One Book project in their own schools. Some schools will read the same book as we are (still TOP SECRET), while others have chosen a different title.  We will share community links, but hold our own kick-off and wrap-up parties.  Look for more detailed information to come home soon.

As you’ll notice on the school calendar, there are many opportunities to come together as a school community.  I hope to see you and your families at one of these events in April and May.  As always, thank you for the support you give your children toward their future successes.

Lincoln:  Learn. Lead. Succeed.


Sandy Kozelka


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