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In partnership with our families and community, Lakewood City Schools will develop responsible citizens, who are critical and creative thinkers, committed to lifelong learning, invested in a diverse society, and prepared for technological and global opportunities.

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Hayes- Cookies on Canvas!

On Thursday Hayes Elementary hosted the first annual Canvas and Cookies.

Under the guidance of Mrs. Dowell families created canvas masterpieces! More importantly Hayes families were able to spend time together painting, munching on goodies, and enjoying the company of other Hayes families.

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PTO Presents the 2016 Talent Show!

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Dare Basketball Tournament 2016!

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Lakewood Fire Dept. visits Hayes with the "Safety House"!

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April Lunch Bunch with Mrs Powers!

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Hayes Students Shooting For The Stars!
Hayes Basketball game Staff vs. 5th Grade Dare Team!

The Hayes Staff played a spectacular game but just could not catch the DARE Basket Ball Team led by Coach Harper! The game was a fundraiser for the One Book One School Initiative. All proceeds were donated to purchase books for the students. Many thanks to the INCREDIBLY AWESOME HAYES STAFF that pulled together and made this a spectacular event!


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Kindergarten Easter Egg Hunt 2016!

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Respectful Rangers February 2016


This Thursday Hayes honored students for being Respectful and Responsible Rangers with our  monthly PBIS assembly.

During the assembly the students were introduced to the new  theme…Shoot for the STARS! They watched a Shoot for the Stars video that was created with students, teachers, and videographer extraordinaire Mr. Costello.

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Wearing the Luck of the Irish!

Thank you to the McNally family for donating t-shirts to Miss Riddell's students and the Hayes staff.


Hayes Choir

The community was treated to to a singing extravaganza!

 All elementary schools in Lakewood were well represented Wednesday at the Civic! Each building's choir performed independently and together! Well done staff and students!


Second Grade Cultural Potluck!

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Parents visit the following websites for help.

Eureka Math's Parent Page. http://greatminds.net/support/parents

Grades 3-5 Air Assessments for Language Arts & Math. The following website will show you the rubric that will be used for the writing portion of the assesment. http://oh.portal.airast.org/ocba/wp-content/uploads/ELA_Rubric_Informational_G3-5.pdf



Twins Day & Wacky Wednesday at Hayes Elementary!

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Ms. Perez 1st Grade Channel 5 Teacher of the Week!

The parents in Room 103 wanted to recognize their child’s teacher, Ellen Perez.  They nominated her for the News Channel 5 Teacher of the Week. On Thursday, February 25th, News Channel 5, Ohio Savings Bank, and Mrs. Carson arrived bright and early at Hayes Elementary to present Ellen Perez the Teacher of the Week Award! The work we do at Hayes is important and to be acknowledged for doing this important work is spectacular! Congratulations!

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Coding Club!


On Tuesday the Hayes Coding Club presented their games to the Board of Education members and shared how they “coded” them during the February meeting. The Coding Club meets every Tuesday and participates in Code.org’s coding curriculum. The students  are engaged in on-line and off line tasks as they learn coding.

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Valentine's Party 2016

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Respectful Ranger January 2016

On Friday Hayes Elementary celebrated students with our Respectful and Responsible Ranger Assembly. During the assembly students who have demonstrated the Hayes Way of coming to school with their Sure I Can Attitude in place ready to learn are honored for their efforts. Also during the assembly  Ms  Wharff, Miss Staib, and Miss Riddell introduced the students to  “Check Your Volume”.

Mr. Costello and his 5th grade Writing Team of Ava Carroll, Megan Winters, Sophie Odetallah, Clare McKay, Lauren Barber, Emery DiBartolomeo, and Ryedan Jones created a video that help to teach the students how to “Check their Volume”. Many thanks to all those folks that helped to make the PBIS Assembly a success!

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2016 Dare Graduation

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On January 14th Hayes 5th Grade students participated in the D.A.R.E. graduation! It is tradition that all students write an essay on their life goals and how the “decision making process” they learned in D.A.R.E. From Officer Raush will help them do that. The D.A.R.E. Essay Winners from Hayes are pictured; Ava Carroll, Ryan Stein, Daniah Shean, Mallory Zavatchen, Sophia Odettallah and Oseid Albadarin. Congratulations we are proud of you!

December Respectful Rangers and Sparkle Squad!

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Hayes Hour of Code!

Hayes students particiate in Hour of Code!

Over the past week students were able to participate in The Hour of Code. The presentation started with a message from President Obama telling the kids rather than play a video game to create a video game! Thanks to Mrs. Beisel-Linn for facilitating the Hour of Code! 

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4th Grade Box Top Ice Cream Party!

Congratulations to Mrs. Staskus Class!

Hayes Elementary PTO sponsored a Box Top Contest and Mrs. Staskus 4th Grade class was the winners!!!

Congratulations! Be sure and save your Box Tops for the next contest that will take place in the spring.

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Respectful Rangers -November 2015

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Mrs. Papp & Miss Riddell's Kindergarten Fall Feast 2015

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Save the Date!

Attention Third Grade Parents,

Please mark your calendars for December 8th and 9th! All third grade students will be taking the state assessment in Reading on those days.


Mr. Costello Shares His Special Fossil with 1st Grade!

Mr. Costello shares a special fossil with the 1st graders along with a short lesson in the LRC.

Got Socks?????

Got socks????

Thank you Hayes Families for your generosity! The Hayes students and staff donated almost 400 pairs of socks! The socks will be distributed to Cleveland’s homeless to help them stay a bit warmer during the cold months of winter. We are so lucky to be part of such a caring community!

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Girls On The Run!

On Sunday, November 15th the Hayes GOTR Team Participated in the Annual Girls On The Run 5K event. For the past 10 weeks the girls participated in in an after school program two days per week where the girls participated in lessons that encourage positive emotional, social, mental and physical development.


               Physical activity is woven into the GOTR program to inspire an appreciation of fitness and to build habits that lead to a lifetime of health. At the end of the 10-week session, the girls participated in the Girls on the Run 5k event.  Congratulations Girls! In addition to the 10-week lessons and the 5-K event, the Hayes GOTR Team baked dog biscuits and delivered them to an animal shelter. We are so proud of you!


Veterans Day Assembly 2015


Hayes Elementary honored over 30 Veterans on Veterans Day with a very special assembly! The students shared special poems, writings, art work, patriotic songs,  and the Hayes Choir performed! Each Veteran received a special recognition certificate, flower, and a huge thank you for their service. 

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Hayes Staff Kickball game 2015
Hayes Assembly 2015 The Beck Center


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Hayes Fall Party- 2015!

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Hayes Howe-Down 2015

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Kindergarten Fall Activities!

Mrs. Papp's kindergarten class had family volunteers come to school and lead fall activities!

Girls on the Run practice for the "Big Race"!

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October Respectful Ranger Award and the "Buddy Benches Unveiled!

Hayes celebrated students with the October Respectful Ranger Award Assembly! Staff members are always on the look-out to catch students doing the right thing! We are committed to reinforcing the positive in our students! During the assembly the students were introduced to the next Theme, Peaceful Pals. 


The Peaceful Pals theme reinforces being a “Buddy” to all of your classmates. During the assembly the Hayes Buddy Benches were revealed! The Buddy Bench is a place where kids can go sit if they are feeling lonely and need someone to talk to or play with. Kids will be taking an oath to commit be a Buddy! It will be their responsibility to for kids who might sit on the bench and help them by being their buddy. I encourage you to check out the Hayes video that tells the story of the Hayes Buddy Bench.

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Kindergarten Curriculum Night!


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The Lakewood Rotary Club Visits Hayes




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Third Grade Celebration

Mrs. Birch and Mrs. McElwee Team Teach Third Grade Writer's Workshop. On Monday the class celebrated their writing by sharing their published writing with one another. Some of the things they learned that good writers do is making mental movies that include, detail, dialogue, and inner thinking.

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Kindergarten Apple Picking and talking with Mr. Leon Bibb

The Kindergarten students attended an Apple Orchard on Tuesday.  Channel 5 was filming for their Live on 5 segment that will air on this Friday at 5pm. 

Principal's Lunch Bunch!

Fire Prevention Week at Hayes!

It is Fire Prevention Week! In honor of Fire Prevention Week it is tradition the fifth graders write an essay about fire safety. Then, two winners are chosen and they are acknowledge by the Fire Department and given the title of  Jr. Fire Chief. The Hayes Fire Safety Essay winners are . . . Clare McKay and Myles Harper. Fire Marshall Tim Dunphy gave Clare and Myles a Jr. Fire Chief trophy. There were three honorable Mentions for the Fire Safety Essay, Lauren Barber, Jackson Koster, and Sophia Odtallah. Congratulations Writers!!

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Hayes Rangers Tailgate 2015!

Hayes PTO held their Annual Tail Gate party before the Lakewood vs Avon game on Friday, September 18th. The students and their families enjoyed one another’s company, food, and cheering lead by the LHS Varsity Cheerleaders! Click HERE to view more photos!

Dad's Walk 2015


Thursday, September 17th was Walk Your Child to School Day! All fathers who walked their child to school had a photo taken with their child. Just look at all of our Hayes Elementary DADS!!!! 

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Hayes is a Cool School!

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Hayes Bus Drill

The students in grade k-3 participated in the annual Bus Evacuation Drill. The drill teaches students bus safety especially what to do in an emergency.

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The First Day of School, Welcome Back!

Hayes Elementary had a spectacular start to the 2015-2016 school year! Welcome back students and their families we have been waiting all summer to see you again!

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Thank you to our LHS String Quartet!

Thank you to LHS String quartet.  They seranade our parents on to meet the teacher night.  

Viola- Alex Figuero

Cello- Rhianne Zuby

Violin- Ryan Detwiler & Zeke Dalisky

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