In partnership with our families and community, Lakewood City Schools will develop responsible citizens, who are critical and creative thinkers, committed to lifelong learning, invested in a diverse society, and prepared for technological and global opportunities.


1st Grade Family Day 1st Grade Family Day

Harrison Elementary implemented Grade Level Family Days this school year.  Our first Grade Level Family Day was Sept. 30th at which time we engaged our 1st grade families in an academic theme (Math) and talked about math "then" and math "now" along with the current expectations for students.  We then took our families into the classroom where they engaged in a math learning activity with their child.  Families were sent home with math game to help bridge the home and school learning experience.  Thank you to our 43 1st grade families that participated in this event.  Kindergarten is next and that is scheduled for October 28th.


Harrison Elementary held its First Annual Academic Celebration Oct. 1 to toast 73 fourth- and fifth-graders who worked hard last year and passed their Reading and/or Math Ohio Achievement Assesments (OAAs). The high school's Lakewood Project was on hand to help them celebrate.