Harding Singers Harding's "Peter Pan Jr." (photo: Darren Toms)

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In partnership with our families and community, Lakewood City Schools will develop responsible citizens, who are critical and creative thinkers, committed to lifelong learning, invested in a diverse society, and prepared for technological and global opportunities.

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On Monday, August 21st, 2017 Harding Middle School welcomes all our students to the first day of the 2017-2018 school year.  In addition to being the first day of school, August 21st is the day for a rare solar eclipse.  Safety of our students is the most important concern we have.  As such, we ask parents to review with students the importance of not looking directly at the sun unless they are wearing glasses or a filter that has been certified as appropriate for such viewing.  Even when using appropriately certified devices, students should limit their viewing of the sun to no more than the time identified as safe for the specific device they are utilizing.  

We have received many request from parents to consider an appropriate method to share this opportunity with our students.  Attached to this email is a permission slip for parents to print out and complete if they would like their child be permitted to view the partial eclipse during school using ISO certified viewing glasses.  All students without a signed permission slip in hand will also be able to experience viewing the solar eclipse in our gymnasium as we will be projecting coverage of the solar eclipse on screens set up within the gym.

Many of the science teachers also plan to share information about eclipses with the students in their classes on August 21st to help them better understand why the sun will be partially blocked during the day.  Click here for permission slip

Harding Picture Day

Harding Student Picture Day is Friday, September 8th.  Students will have their picture taken during social studies classes.  Picture forms will be sent home with students in the days prior to picture day. Pictures will be available for order online at www.ripchostudio.com using the online password KZK9CP3B.  


Harding Open House 2017

Tuesday, August 29, Harding Middle School welcomes our parents to our annual open house (6pm-8pm).  We invite parents to come meet the teachers throughout the evening. Parents will be following their child's bell schedule throughout the evening. Teachers will share information in the classrooms in which they provide instruction to the student's for each period of the school day. 

Our staff looks forward meeting you on the evening of August 29. 

Thank you,
Joe Niemantsverdriet
Principal, Harding Middle School

Summer Reading Assignment Now Available

booksAll middle school students will be reading the same book for summer reading. Please click here to find out the book chosen and the assignment that will be due on Aug. 25, 2017.

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