On Thursday, Feb. 5, the work of 174 imaginative and creative students in our schools was honored as part of the National PTA Reflections Program, an annual art contest celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The awards ceremony held at the Civic Auditorium and sponsored by the Lakewood PTA honored all the participants as well as the 24 entries selected to move on to the state competition. Entries were broken down into categories of literature, phtoograhy, dance, film/video production, musical composition and visual arts.

This year’s unit PTA winners are:
Early Childhood PTA
Ronan Barley                 Visual Arts
Sophie Buckingham        Visual Arts
Declan Markling              Visual Arts
Jane McGinley                Visual Arts
Charlotte Milenski           Visual Arts
Eva Strazek                    Visual Arts
Julia Westlake                Visual Arts
Grant Elementary School
Timmy Daso                   Literature
Veronica Gordon             Literature
Micah Inak                      Literature
Madelyn Lockshine       Literature
Rachel Owen                  Literature
Lizzie Shuga                   Literature
Claire Walkosak              Literature
Claire Black                    Visual Arts
Maya Costanzo               Visual Arts
Quinn Costanzo             Visual Arts
Jake Hower                   Visual Arts
Patrick McCallum          Visual Arts
Isabel Ostrowski              Visual Arts
Ara Starr                         Visual Arts
Abigail Stone                   Visual Arts
Lalia Williams-Riseng       Visual Arts
Julia Wozniakowski       Visual Arts
Erin Black                       Photography
Joey Dzingeleski           Photography
Jeffery Hower               Photography
Anna Trentel                   Photography
Michael Trentel               Photography
Tim Trentel                     Photography
Lily Wood                       Photography
Harrison Elementary School
Elliot Lockshine             Literature
Joe Otis                          Literature
Shyra Bruton                   Visual Arts
Jailene Burgos                Visual Arts
Summer Cruz                 Visual Arts
Karen DeLa Cruz-Herrara Visual Arts
Jerome Freeman             Visual Arts
Autumn Hamby               Visual Arts
Chloé Holcker                 Visual Arts
Lidia Logan                     Visual Arts
Edona Maliqi                   Visual Arts
Christian Marcano            Visual Arts
Asma MoazzAmuddin      Visual Arts
Ahmed Muhammed          Visual Arts
Katelyn Nicol                   Visual Arts
Sarah Nolan                    Visual Arts
Andrea Oltean                 Visual Arts
Joseph Otis                     Visual Arts
Samantha Otis                Visual Arts
Madeline Rabbits             Visual Arts
Gabrielle Roberts             Visual Arts
Maryha Smith                  Visual Arts
Naiomy Vega                   Visual Arts
Angus Willie                    Visual Arts
Horace Mann Elementary School
Kim Banak                     Literature
Ella Germaine                Literature
Grace Lavelle                 Literature
Sophia Parker                Literature
Emma Yonkers              Literature
Hanna Chodzin              Visual Arts
Amena Herbawi              Visual Arts
Mary Lavelle                   Visual Arts
Skyler Lawson                Visual Arts
Megan McHugh              Visual Arts
Maja Miedza                   Visual Arts
Erin Mullen                     Visual Arts
Isabella Nanni                 Visual Arts
Jennifer Rudin                 Visual Arts
Sarah Yonkers               Visual Arts (2)      
Daisey Bryant                Photography
Logan Bryant                 Photography
Sophia Nanni                 Photography
Hanna Posadel              Music
Stephanie Posadel         Music
Lincoln Elementary School
Tess Marjanovic            Literature
Kathleen O’Donnell        Literature
Eva Wynn                     Literature
Evan Budzar                 Visual Arts
Zoë Budzar                   Visual Arts
Ella Chanter                  Visual Arts
Caitlin Cimino                Visual Arts
Kitty Crino                     Visual Arts
Emelia Oravetz              Visual Arts
Nava Ramazanali           Visual Arts
Ivy Rook                        Visual Arts
Saige Rook                  Visual Arts
Brenna Rose                  Visual Arts
Payton Rossen              Visual Arts
Laura Shields                 Visual Arts
Morgan Styles                Visual Arts
Aurora Thurman              Visual Arts
Ayden Wacker              Visual Arts
Audrey Warren               Visual Arts
Lydia Duluk                  Photography (2)
Jane Mechenbier            Photography
Julia Szentkiralyi            Photography
Roosevelt Elementary School
Alicia Boatman              Literature
Sadie Ciacchi                Literature
Macey Helbig                Literature
Atahlia Berrios               Visual Arts
Alicia Boatman              Visual Arts
Sebastian Cocan         Visual Arts
Kyndl King                     Visual Arts
McKinsey Kays              Visual Arts
Omar Fattah                   Visual Arts
Leah Robertson               Visual Arts
Linsey Robertson            Visual Arts
Christina Westlake          Dance
Garfield Middle School
Craig Amberik               Literature
Madeline Baker             Literature
Schylar Cope                Literature
Jordon Ferguson            Literature
Julia Houk                     Literature
Elias Lahham                Literature
Grace Lazos                Literature
Dillon Morana                Literature
Jonathan Poilpre        Literature
Aaron Spina                  Literature
Taylor Wohlfeil              Literature  
Nabeth Manaa               Visual Arts
Audria Scavone             Visual Arts
Nina Scavone                Visual Arts (3)
Claudia Stadler              Visual Arts
Grace Therber               Visual Arts
Hannah Tyburski            Visual Arts
Meghan Tyburski           Visual Arts
Soule Dimacchia           Photography (3)   
Raven Odorizzi           Music
Harding Middle School
Cole Karel                     Literature
Renee Klann                   Literature
Maddie Shelton            Literature
Marissa West                 Literature  
Ana Arapi                       Visual Arts
Will DeVito                     Visual Arts
Sarah Neff                     Visual Arts
Mauve Ours                    Visual Arts
Kaitlin Staniatis               Visual Arts
Andrea Tsiros                 Visual Arts
Kathleen Turner               Visual Arts
Max Mulready                 Music
Hanna Szentkiralyi          Music
Danny Toner                   Music
Irina Vatamanu               Music
Jade Borocz                   Photography
Zach Moran                    Photography
Grant Senger                 Photography
Christian Styles              Photography (2)
Nora Varcho                   Photography
Kathryn Urban                Photography
Eli Zettler                       Photography
George Harkenrider        Film Production
Lakewood High School
Ann Gross                      Visual Arts
Jessica Paoli                  Visual Arts
Devin Werner                  Visual Arts
Andrew Elaban             Photography (2)
Mandy Gawne                 Photography (3)
Maureen MacGregor     Photography
Nicole Parke                 Photography (4)
Missy Richardson          Photography
Tyler Wick                      Photography
Madison Olszewski        Film Production
The names in bold represent the 24 students whose pieces advanced to the Ohio PTA competition. We wish them luck!

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