Box It!

On the Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAA), students find more success on extended response questions if they use the "Box It!" method

The Method
Here are the basics for the method:

1. Draw a box for each point that the question is worth--two boxes for a two point question and four boxes for a four point question.

2. Re-read the question and underline each verb.

3. Label each box with each verb.  (NOTE: You may have four actions to do, but only find two verbs--for example, the question may ask you to identify two reasons...and give two solutions...etc.   Identify and Give are only mentioned once each, but you need to provide two items in each case.)

4. Write the information related to each action in the appropriate box.

5. Check work!

The following songs were written in the spirit of "School House Rock" to support this method. 
(All music written and performed by Kevin Costello, lyrics by Mindy Kilgore and Kevin Costello.  Singers and rappers are credited individually.)

 Song Title  Description
Box It!
(Hot Mix)

 Performed by 7th grader, Clare Ciolli feat. Predicate Jones
Box It! 
(Verb Rap Remix!)

 Just the verbs, please!  Performed by Predicate Jones feat. C-Pain
 Box It! 
(Cool Mix)

 Performed by 7th Graders Sophia DeBaltzo and Amelia McDonnell
Box It!
(Backing Track)
  Host a "Box it!" themed Karaoke Party!  Use this backing track to sing along!
Box It! (Choir Version) Under the direction of Mrs. Lisa Richards, the Harding 7th Grade Choir puts in this beautiful version.
 Box it! (Orchestral Version)  Harding's 8th Grade Orchestra, under the direction of Maestro Patty Perec, plays this beautiful version. 
Box It! 
(Mrs. Cahill Remix)
  In honor of our long-suffering media assistant, Mrs. Cahill who has heard "Box It!" 423 times.

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