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On Saturday, September 24th, the Lakewood High School Ranger Marching Band will host the 30th Annual Lakewood High School Marching Band Invitational Festival. Visiting marching bands performing at this year’s festival including the Garfield Heights High School Bulldog Marching Band, the Wickliffe High School Swing Marching Band, the Valley Forge High School Patriot Marching Band, plus the 2016 Lakewood Ranger Marching Band, the College of Wooster Scot Marching Band, and the College of Wooster Pipe Band and Scottish dancers.

The evening will begin at 6:00pm with the traditional “pass and review” introduction of each band as it enters the stadium. Individual field shows of each band will follow, culminating with the performance of the 2016 Lakewood Ranger Marching Band. Gates open at 5:30pm and tickets can be purchased at the gate at the following prices: Adults-$7, Senior Citizens-$5, Students-$3, Preschoolers-free. Concessions will be available. 

**The Lakewood High School Marching Band Invitational Festival is organized not only to showcase the students’ talents but also as direct fundraising for the Lakewood High School Ranger Marching Band’s seasonal expenses and out-of-town performances. The Lakewood Ranger Marching Band will be traveling to Canada on October 8th, 2016 and will be a guest band in the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day Parade in Ontario, Canada on Monday, October 10th. The LRMB is embarking on an extraordinary fundraising effort in order to reduce the cost of the trip to Canada for all one hundred and thirty band members. Proceeds from the band’s largest fundraiser, the Band Festival Preview held at Lakewood Park on August 19th leading up to the Lakewood High School Marching Band Festival, will help to fund the Ranger Marching Band’s trip to Canada.**     #lrmbgoesnorth



Lakewood Music Boosters will be at Lakewood Arts Festival on Saturday, August 6th from 10a-6p. We will have snow cones, ice cold water, our Love Lakewood Local Discount Card, and even karaoke. Please join us while we celebrate and promote the performing arts in Lakewood.

Last year LMB were able to sell 300 bottles of water. We hope to beat that record but need your help in the form of donations of bottled water. If you are willing and able to donate please contact Beth Bender Thomas at 216-374-7615 or




August 16th Grant Dedication 6:00PM

August 16th Harding New Student Orientation 12-1:30PM and 7-8:30PM

August 17th Fresh Start – Civic 7:30-8:30PM

August 17th Hayes Family Open House 9:30-10:00AM

August 17th Lincoln Dedication 6:00PM

August 18th Roosevelt Dedication 6:00PM

August 18th Harding New School Orientation 7:00PM

August 18th Garfield New School Orientation 12:00PM and 7:00PM

These dates will also be posted on our website at  

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  It's Easy to Join 

          Music Boosters!

Simply download a form here, choose your level of participation, and mail it to our PO Box (Lakewood Music Boosters, PO Box 770782, Lakewood, OH 44107) or send it to school with your student in an envelope marked "Music Boosters".  

**New! Pay via PayPal!***

We know that sometimes it’s inconvenient for you to write a check – and it’s not always the best idea to send cash through the mail or to the schools. So now we have another option for you- PayPal!

Visit is on our website,! 

You will find this payment option in the right hand column- all you have to do is select your amount, enter in your email address, and PayPal will do the rest. You can even select to donate the amount of your choosing ; for example, to the Gilmore or Niko Scholarship funds! Just drop us an email so that we know which scholarship you’d like to fund.

Similarly, if you are selecting the “Corporate” $100 level, drop us an email so that we can include the name of your business in our programs.

Our email is: LKWDMusicBoosters{at}gmail{dot}com!

Thank you so much for your continued support!

We'd love to add your name to the over 100 members helping to support the Lakewood City Schools' outstanding music program. You may join at any time and all members in good standing will be listed in the concert programs. And, remember, by joining Music Boosters your student will be eligible for many LMB sponsored scholarships (see scholarship information below).


  What We Do....


  Last year Lakewood Music Boosters distributed over $27,000 directly towards your children's music enrichment through Lakewood Schools' Music Departments.  Including over $7,000 in music scholarships for lessons and camps.   

This amazing funding was possible only with your help. By joining Music Boosters and helping with our fundraising and volunteering opportunities we will again be able to support your students in the 2016-17 school year. Please join our organization and help when you can by purchasing 50/50 raffle tickets, concessions and participating in fundraising efforts. Volunteer to help with ticketing at the Civic during concerts! It's fun and a great way to get to know the community.



Did you know that we have over 59 Bands, Orchestras and Choral groups at Lakewood City Schools?


Lakewood Music Boosters’ 

Doorstep Direct Fruit Sale

Good news fruit lovers: we are again offeringThe Doorstep Direct Fruit Fundraiser to our music fans! This program allows you to support Lakewood Music Boosters by ordering fruit online and having it shipped either directly to you or to someone else you think would enjoy this refreshing citrus. You can order anytime from now until March, but please note delivery dates below. Be sure to use our Group ID at checkout:

Follow the instructions below to support our cause:

1. Go to

2. Choose which delivery category you would like to order from in the upper left side of the home page

a. Holiday Deliveries – arrive before Christmas

b. January Deliveries – arrive before the end of January

c. Spring Deliveries – arrive before the end of March

3. Select as many items as you would like

a. For each item, you will need to select if you are sending it to yourself or to another recipient and the quantity you want to send

b. There is a one-time $3.00 processing fee for each complete order, regardless of the number of items purchased

4. Once you are done shopping, click the checkout button at the bottom right side of your shopping cart screen

5. Shipping Information: The shipping information will cycle through each recipient’s address information screen. No PO Boxes please, as UPS is used for delivery. The last line to be filled out is the personal message. Please fill this out so the recipient knows who sent the item!

6. Complete the Credit Card Information section

7. Billing Information

a. The first line, Group ID, is going to require you to enter OH27237 so that we receive the credit of your purchase

b. If you would like to recognize your favorite music student, you may put that name in the Group Salesperson slot; you may also leave it blank.

8. Please verify all names and addresses on the order summary screen, as we are not responsible for any incorrect addresses You will receive an email as your receipt for the purchase.

Please email Beth Bender Thomas at with any questions.

We greatly appreciate your supporting Lakewood Music Boosters. Have a great day!


Scholarship Information

Ulah Gilmore Scholarship

The Ulah Gilmore Scholarship is available to any student K-11 wishing to attend a summer camp or take summer private lessons. The student must apply with the approval of his/her music teacher. Priority consideration is given to students whose families have been active members of Lakewood Music Boosters and whose membership is secured by JANUARY  31, 2015. Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee in May. Any student wishing to apply must obtain an application from his/her music teacher before April. The application deadline April 25, 2015. A downloadable application is available here. 


B. Neil Davis Scholarship

The B. Neil Davis Scholarship is available for the purpose of aid for music lessons or other studies deemed appropriate by the recommending music teacher. Scholarships will aid these activities during the academic year, not in the summer. Teacher recommendation and student financial need will be the driving criteria for this scholarship. A student may only receive this award ONCE during his/her tenure in the Lakewood City Schools. There is no application form available online, as this scholarship must be recommended to the students by their music teacher only.

Donations to either fund are greatly appreciated. Please send donations to: Lakewood Music Boosters, PO Box 770782, Lakewood, OH 44107.


2016-2017 Lakewood City Schools Concert Schedule


September 22nd Coffee House 7:30PM

September 24th Marching Band Festival 6:00PM

October 4th LHS/8th Orch Pops Concert 7:30PM

October 6th LHS Choral Symposium 7:30PM

November 1st Marching Band Concert 7:30PM

November 10th Coffee House 7:30PM

November 30th 7th Grade Winter Concert 7:30PM

December 1st Concert Band, String & Phil, Freshman Choir 7:30PM

December 5th 8th Grade Winter Concert 7:30PM

December 6th Camerata, Symphonic Band, Choir Concert 7:30PM

December 7th LHS Winter Choral Concert 7:30PM

December 8th 6th Grade Winter Concert 7:30PM

December 12th Sounds of the Season Rehearsals 3:30-8:00PM

December 13th Sounds of the Season Rehearsals 3:30-8:00PM

December 14th Sounds of the Season Concert 7:30PM

December 15th Sounds of the Season Concert 7:30PM

January 20th Lakewood Project Concert 7:30PM

January 25th Coffee House 7:30PM

March 2nd LHS Bands Contest Concert 7:30PM

March 15th Elementary Choral Concert 7:00PM

March 22nd 8th Grade Band Concert 7:30PM

March 30th Coffee House 7:30PM

April 4th Spring Choral Pops Concert 7:30PM

May 4th, 5th and 6th LHS Musical 8:00PM

May 9th 8th Grade Spring Concert 7:30PM

May 11th LHS Jazz Band 7:30PM

May 16th LHS Spring Orchestra 7:00PM

May 17th LHS Spring Choral Concert 7:00PM

May 18th 6th Grade Concert 7:30PM

May 20th LP Spring Concert 7:30PM

May 22nd 7th Grade Spring Concert 7:30PM

May 23rd LHS Bands Spring Concert 7:00PM

May 24th 5th Grade Instrumental Concert 7:00PM

June 1st LP Auditions TBD

June 4th LHS Commencement 3:00PM


Dates and times subject to change

For further information, go to 

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Additional Info

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Music Boosters Board Members

 Tracey Logan
1st Vice Presidents
 Beth Thomas
 2nd Vice President
  Lori Marjanovic
 3rd Vice Presidents
  (teacher reps)
Clinton Steinbrunner
  Beth Hankins
 Mike Whitkofski
Recording Secretary
 Lian Showers
Corresponding Secretary
  Tiffany Fox
Membership Chair
  Inas Jassani

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Ulah Gilmore Scholarship Form



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