boat race

The 14th annual Lakewood High Physics Cardboard Boat Regatta sponsored by Tavens Packaging & Display Solutions once again showed that learning about physics and its principles can be a lot of fun and not every boat floats!

More than 100 junior and senior physics students, along with some spirited crews from French Club and the U.S. Army recruiters, , built boats made solely of corrugated cardboard and packaging tape. Two from each team then boarded the boat and made an attempt to cross the 25-yard pool at the March 7 event. Some made it, most did not!

The fastest four physics boats competed in a finals heat and the team of Ali Musleh, Hu Sin, Will Rodriguez and Roger Thomas reached the end of the pool first to claim the regatta title with a time of 36.2 seconds. The team's preliminary heat time was a blistering 23.38 seconds.

The high school students learned physics concepts as they constructed their boats, concepts such as buoyancy, density, Pascal's Principle, Archimede's Principle, ratio and displacement.

Click here to see some of the fun in our Photo Gallery.

Here are a few links to video coverage by Fox 8's Kickin' It With Kenny ia and a student Go-Pro video on YouTube:

Live Segment #1...

Live Segment #2...

Live Segment #3...

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