Principal's Message


Sandra Kozelka
Principal, Lincoln Elementary

Dear Lincoln Families,

    November is… playoffs, swirling leaves and chilly days. At school in November, teachers are busy preparing to meet families to share first quarter progress of students.  We all look forward to welcoming you to school on November 7th, 8th and 9th as we strive toward our goal of a face-to-face meeting with each and every Lincoln family.

    As I walk through classrooms each day, I see teachers providing students with well-planned lessons, pushing them to the edge of their comfort levels-where the deepest learning starts. I hear teachers asking children to explain, prove, defend, analyze and create.  Often, what I don’t hear are teachers giving students answers-this sounds strange, I know. However, by continuing to refine questioning skills and asking students to collaborate on problems, the best route a student has to an answer is not always the most direct route.  Working and thinking hard to figure out answers gives children the pride that comes from figuring something out on their own, as well as learning that is long-lived, instead of fleeting.

    We hope to see many of you at Lincoln’s Veteran’s Day program at 2:00 on November 12. If you need another RSVP for honored guests and/or Hall of Fame templates, please call our office.  

    The teachers and I look forward to being your partners in the education of your children.  November is…a time for thanksgiving. We are thankful for the support you give school programs, teachers and especially your children each day.  

Lincoln:  Learn. Lead. Succeed.


Sandy Kozelka



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