Principal's Message


Mark Walter

Dear Garfield Community,

This year our shared vision is that all students can and must learn at high levels of achievement.  With the increased rigor of the Common Core standards and the demand for higher educated and better trained work force this vision is more important than ever.   To achieve this goal all members of our community must work together to help all students achieve at high levels.  Through a process that included parents, staff, students, and administration the following is the specific mission statements from the members of the Garfield community.

As administrators, we are committed to our responsibility to create an environment within Garfield Middle School that promotes and celebrates high academic performance for all students.  It is our commitment to provide meaningful professional development, appropriate resources, and a structure for professional collaboration that supports Garfield staff in achieving excellence.  We are confident that, with support and help, students can master challenging academic content and we expect them to do so.  We are prepared to work collaboratively with colleagues, students, and parents to achieve this shared educational purpose.   

As teachers, We are committed to our responsibility to work collaboratively with our colleagues to develop lessons that are engaging, incorporate technology, and meet the high levels of academics that students need to be successful.  We will provide academic support for students needing help and challenge students to reach higher levels of thinking.  We will create consistent and respectful classrooms where strong character and lifelong communication skills are taught and expected.  It is our goal to create a welcoming environment where parents, teachers, students, and administration work together to improve student learning.  

As parents, we are committed to challenge our children to perform at the best of their ability, ask them about what they learned, communicate with teachers regularly, and ensure that our children have all of the tools necessary for successful learning.

As students of Garfield Middle School, we accept the challenge of achieving high academics for all.  We are committed to arriving to school daily, on time, and prepared for class.  To learn at high levels we will be focused on our lessons and actively participate in the learning process.  We will ask questions and seek help when we don’t understand a concept.    We will put forth our best effort and complete our assignments well and on time.  Furthermore we will stay organized by using our planners and keeping our lockers clean. We will join extra-curricular activities and participate as an important member of the Garfield community.   We will respect our classmates, teachers, and building by choosing kind at every opportunity. 


By working together and always striving to improve I am confident that each student that attends Garfield Middle School will be ready to take on the challenges of high school and beyond.


Mr. Walter




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