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Terrilynn Bornino-Elwell
Coordinator, Alternative Education


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Coordinator's Message:

Dear Parents, Guardians, Community Members & Friends of Lakewood City Academy:

While Lakewood City Academy has so much to be proud of, we know there are areas in which we need to improve and develop.

The primary mission of Lakewood City Academy is to ensure that our students are well prepared for educational or career opportunities upon graduation. This requires hard work, dedication, and a tremendous amount of educational investment for each LCA student. This means classrooms led by the most qualified instructors with knowledge in technology, online programming, and the most up to date information on learning standards, differentiated instruction and educational trends available to our educators today.

My goal is to see our mission through no matter how difficult and challenging the path to student success presents itself. Together we will provide an engaging education to prepare all students to become successful high school graduates with a future to continue in education or pursue a choice career.  While in a culture of diversity, empowerment and adversity, the staff and students at LCA will demonstrate high expectations of respect, trust and integrity and promote a supportive academic environment emphasizing the value of education.

This past year  2017 LCA achieved a report card rating of:

Combined Graduation Rating: Meets Standard

High School Passage Rate: Exceeds Standards

Annual Measurable Objective: Did Not Meet Standards

Overall Rating: Meets Standard

While I believe the State Report Card is a valuable measure of student success, there are multiple educational and life components that contribute to developing well- rounded LCA graduates.

LCA’s success is an everyday effort with a strong commitment from an incredible staff, parents, guardians, community and the students. I am thankful to lead such an extraordinary group of individuals each and every day.



Terrilynn Bornino-Elwell
Coordinator of Alternative Education





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