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Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month (unless otherwise noted) through the school year.

Roosevelt parents, teachers, and staff are always welcome. 
Childcare available!

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Board member position and committee positions available for 2019-2020!

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Who can serve?
Men, women, parents, grandparents, teachers, staff, and members of the community who are members of the Roosevelt PTA ($7 annual dues) can serve as an officer or board member.

Good candidates for PTA officers and committee members are adults who have a willingness to ...
• Learn what the PTA's purposes and policies are and to follow them.
• Reflect and embrace the diversity of the school community.
• Participate in leadership training programs.
• Distribute materials promptly.
• Create a climate of support and mutual respect.
• Delegate responsibility.
• Train and encourage new leaders.
• Network with other PTAs and community groups and agencies.

What is required financially of a PTA member?
• The only financial requirement is that all officers are required to be a PTA member. Membership dues are $7/year. Not a member? Join today! 
• What about training costs? On-line training materials and in-person workshops are available at no cost to the volunteer.
• What about purchasing the items needed for the activities of a particular office? Officers are not expected to incur any out-of-pocket expenses because they follow the PTA budget and work within a budgeted amount. Materials and supplies used during the course of your volunteer service are approved expenses in the PTA budget and you know ahead of time what is approved.

10 Myths about Roosevelt PTA

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Readathon Thank You!

The Read-a-thon program is such a great fundraiser! Below is a short list of the advantages to this program and instructions on how to get started or find out more information. If you have any questions feel free to let me know or you can call Read-a-thon directly at 866-888-5155 they are super helpful.


  • Reading becomes the focus of your fundraiser
  • It doesn’t cost anything to start a Read-a-thon
  • Lots of schools have raised more than what we raised!

How to get started:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter Code xrY89J

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Marco's Pizza Challenge + Pizza Nights!


Order online to qualify for the pizza challenge!

2019-2020 Reflections


Roosevelt Spirit!

roosevelt spirit bottle

Water bottles and t-shirts will be available at PTA sponsored events and the monthly meetings (2nd Tuesdays). Cash, check, and credit cards!


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