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Mark Walter

Mark Walter


It is hard to believe but we will soon be coming to the end of the first quarter of the school year.  If you haven’t done so yet, please make sure you can login to Progressbook so you can monitor your child’s progress.   Most of our students are doing well academically, attending school regularly, showing up on time, and completing their assignments.  Doing these things will support their graduation requirements and give them the needed skills to be successful in the next quarter and into the future.


If your child is not meeting the requirements of the courses they are taking, now is the time to turn that around.  Students who make the following a daily habit find more success academically, score better on end of course and college entrance exams, and are better prepared for the rigors that wait for them next:


  1. Arrive to school by 7:45 a.m. to allow time to get their needed materials, socialize, and be in class ready to go before the 8:00 a.m. tardy bell.

  2. Keep track of their assignments by writing them down or keeping an electronic calendar.

  3. Use study hall time wisely.  Students may have up to 200 minutes a week to get work done.  

  4. Seek out help from their teachers.  If there is confusion our teachers are happy to help clarify any misunderstanding.

  5. Make school a top priority.  There are ample times for social and extracurricular activities but school work should come before that.


Thank you for being part of our partnership to help all students achieve success.


Mr. Walter





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